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Jason Williams (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 16:12:01 -0600 (CST)

On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, Patrick Daly wrote:
> This list has become a joke. People whine over attachments, over why
> they are getting the mail? While two or three people serve as tech
> surrort for White Pine.

Actually, there's a lot more going on than tech support for White Pine.
Take a look at the bulk of the messages over the last few months. White
Pine has had a limited voice in the listserv. I like to see when Bill
Ryan makes a statement about support for G3 Macs or the like. It shows
that White Pine is indeed interested.

> Personaly I believe this to be the CORNELL software discussion list NOT
> White Pine.

I believe Gary already quoted from the listserv information. Just because
the listserv is hosted at Cornell doesn't mean it's for Cornell CU only.
You also have to consider that this listserv was created long before White
Pine got into the CU-SeeMe market.

> As a Mac User I have NO good
> words for the White Pine Product. I compare it to MS Word on the Mac,
> cluncky interface and way to big for what it is meant to do.

Ahh..but White Pine would disagree on your idea of "what it is meant to
do". It's no longer a small video conferencing product made only so you
can see your friends. It's grown into another beast. On White Pine's
side (for once), I believe CU 3.1 is the Mac's only H.323 client for right
now. I could be wrong though.

> So I would like White Pine to set up a list for their product, using
> their resources (server, listserver).

Speaking of this...I remember hearing awhile back (perhaps a year or so)
about a listserv for "Enhanced CU-SeeMe" only. I'm not sure what happened
to it. If you don't like reading about White Pine products, feel free to
unsubscribe or setup a kill file/filter. Unlike a lot of people who
subscribed to the listserv to receive help, I subscribed to see what was
going on and see if I could help in any way.

> This is not the place for commerce. This
> was a place for people to exchange ideas about Cornell's ever growing
> beta Product,

Not a place for commerce? I don't believe I saw that in the listserv
information :)

As far as Cornell's "ever growing beta Product"...From what I can tell,
Cornell has moved on to other things. Last I heard, they were working on
an ATM-only version of CU-SeeMe for their internal ATM network. I don't
believe they were going to release it to the public but I'll include an
article I grabbed off comp.dcom.videoconf about it.

I know the Cornell PC version isn't going to be updated for quite awhile
seeing as Steve Edgar has also been moved to other projects. There
haven't been substantial upgrades to the Mac version since 1995 with the
release of the 0.83b3 version.

I also believe that's why they have their licensing scheme the way it is.
To further development, anyone can get a license and obtain the source
code to CU-SeeMe.

> to exchange code and come up with solutions for a living
> program.

There are already people doing this...GeekTalk, GeekPC, Refmarshal,
CUSoon, CUHelper, Cusdial, etc. All addon programs that help CU-SeeMe
function better.

> If I pissed you off what ever, I'm just sick of White Pine folk giving
> their answer as if it is the ONLY version. Give us back our Cornell
> list.

I'm tired of it as well to an extent...That's why I post my views :)
To be honest though, I've been on the listserv since late August and I
have yet to see any posts from the Cornell development team. It would
lead me to believe development has all but halted on the public Cornell
releases. I would have liked to have been on the listserv back when Dick
Cogger and Tim Dorcey were actively developing the Mac version. I know
Tim Dorcey has moved on to Boxtop and is developing iVisit.

And now...the article from comp.dcom.videoconf I mentioned before:
From: (Melinda Shore)
Newsgroups: comp.dcom.videoconf
Subject: Re: CU-SeeMe-Software
Date: 14 Nov 1997 10:12:24 -0500
Organization: Cornell Information Technologies
Sender: (Verified)

In article <Pine.SGI.3.96.971114104820.3938A-100000@venous>,
Rommel P. Feria <> wrote:
>On 13 Nov 1997, V.Mueller wrote:
>> > Out of curiosity, how much interest would there be in a native
>> > ATM version of CU-SeeMe?
>> I'm intersted on ATM-Videoconferencingsystems, but I didn't hear from
>> a
>> CU-SeeMe-Software.
>> Can you give me some information about it ?
>I am interested as well.

At this point we're just trying to gauge interest - we've
got a not-ready-for-release version in-house, and aren't sure
that there's enough interest out there to merit the work it
would take for a release.

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