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> Subject: Re: IP incorrect msg.

> > When I try to connect I get "Your IP Address is incorrect, restart
> >CU-SeeMe" from the reflector. I have put my IP address in the HOSTS file.
> >For ex., username

> This is a message that's generated by ERefs if your CU client has a
> different IP address than the physical interface the packets originate
> from, this usually only happens on systems with more than one IP interface
> defined (Ethernet & PPP). To fix which IP is picked you need to remove
> dial-up networking, reboot, and reinstall dial-up networking, it will then
> use the IP from the PPP session as the default IP when you're connected to
> your ISP.

i have this problem also when i use cornell cuseeme 0.92b2. the message i
get from the reflector however is, unable to connect to:

i suppose that means im not connecting to an eref.

i will try the soultion u suggested. hopefully it will work. however as i
use cuseeme both on the lan (not often) and with dun when run it on the lan
i suspect i may have problems.

in my search for a solution ive came across the following suggestions:

From: Bill Woodland <>
Subject: Workaround for cu-seeme problem with two IP addresses

John Golini of Los Gatos, CA sent me this info, which seems to be the
easiest workaround for this particular problem. His instructions are for
Windows NT

1. before starting cu-seeme connect the dial-up and note the IP address
using dial up network monitor/summary/details.

2. Go to control panel/network/protocols/tcp/ip protocol/properties and
change the specified IP address (of your network adaptor) to the dial-up IP
address, press the APPLY button.

3. Start CU-seeme v92b2, it should get the dial-up IP address, DO NOT

4. Go back and change the network adaptor IP address back to what it was,
and exit with OK.

unfortunately this didnt work for me with windows 95. ie, cu was still
picking up the lan ip.
i suspect the reason is bc i need to restart the computer for the changes
to take effect and i cant restart bc my address is assigned dynamically.

From: i forgot the location of this source.
Subject: as well as the name of the subject.

(1) change the dns server values for ur ethernet to those in ur ppp.
(2) assign the ip addresses to netBIOS names for ur lan in the lmhosts file.

this probably will not solve my problem as my problem does not lie with
resolving ip names to ip numbers.

From: also forgot the location of this source.
Subject: as well as the name of the subject.

(1) use netswitcher or tcpswitcher

to switch between configurations for ur dun or lan.

this seemed hopeful but unfortunately didnt work. cu still picked up the ip
address on the lan when connecting via dun.

From: also forgot the location of this source.
Subject: as well as the name of the subject.

(1) use c:\windows\route.exe found on windows 95 to delete the lan route or
the ppp route so only 1 is in use at a time.

(2) create a batch file and a pif file that points to ur startup folder.

i was able to use route to delete the ppp route but couldnt figure out how
to delete the lan route, and its the lan route that is more of a problem
for me for now. if any1 has any suggestions on how i delete the lan route i
would appreciate it. also how do i create a pif file and a batch file to do
the work for me automatically on start up. thanks.

Subject: C.17. Nobody seems to be able to get routing to work.

From: Vadim <>

It's a common belief that windows 95 can't do IP forwarding (There
wereseveral postings about it in and you have to
useNT to do it.Win95 resource kit help file contains the following

Hkey_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VxD\MSTCP\EnableRouting = 0
or 1 Specifies whether to enable static routing. Microsoft TCP/IP does not
supplya routing protocol, so all route table entries must be entered using
theroute command. The default is 0.

I tried that on two machines (486DX2 and PENTIUM-75, both with ethernet
cardand a RAS driver installed) and on both got a total system crash on
boot (Iguess when loading vip.386).Interesting enough, this whole routing
issue has never been documented bymicrosoft.So, anybody "been there, done
that" ?Is it a bug, half-implemented feature or just wrong configuration ?

[Keith Davidson and Roger Pfister later reported that multiple TCP/IP
interfaces only seem
to work if each interface is on a different Class A net (because Win95
always creates a bogus route to -- you can see it with ROUTE.EXE
or the SNMP Agent).]

this may explain y i was unable to delete the lan route (i think). my isp
is on a class a network while my lan is on a class c (i think). any
suggestions or advice. ive tried usenet and #windows95 on efnet, and
undernet with no luck.

r there any networking.tcp-ip email groups for windows that may help. thanks.

Mark Andrew Nassy, <>