Repeated failure installing downloaded CU-Seeme file

Jeagan Lee (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 10:36:49 +0900

I downloaded a White Pine CU-SeeMe file from the White Pine
homepage.They posted it as 10.4M CU31.exe file but after download I
found it to be a 9.91M file.

I clicked the file and followed the instructions given to set up the
program when I faced a warning message which goes something like "
Wizard needs disk2 ." After that the setting process failed repeatedly.
So I downloaded the same file from other mirror sites in NH and France
with the same results. I also tried other desktop and followed the same
process with another failure. Both the systems I tried are pentiums.
It is quite frustrating to try these whole processes when the
downloading requires more than one hours.I spent the whole weekend for
that with no solution in sight.My friend hints that the original file
may have some defects.

Is there anyone to help me out of this trouble? I appreciate his/her
help greatly in advance. Thank you.

Jeagan Lee
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Phone  : 82-2-780-6943(o)