reflector software?

Lucas Parra (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 12:29:17 -0500

My apologies if this has been discussed already. I could not find an
archive for this list.

I intend to install a reflector under linux. The latest free version
is from Cornell 4.00B3 but does not support color, correct?

If I want color I will have to go with whitepine, correct? I was also
told that whitepine reflector handles sound much more
efficiently. Correct?

Now, whitepine has discontinued its reflector software, and wont give
it out under any circumstances. (just talked to them). Their new
product - Meetingpoint - which should be according to the specs quite a
powerful concept, has been released for Win NT and wont come out for
linux any time soon, if at all. On top of it the cheapest license for
ca. 10 users is 5000.- USD.

Question is: Can one get the old whitepine reflector anyway. Like is
someone out there willing to resell his version?

Please correct me if I'm wrong with something here?