Re: Intel USB Problem

Dale Paul (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 11:15:29 -0800

>I saw a December post with a similar problem that wasn't resolved. I have
>an Intel usb camera. Cornell version allows me to preview in color, but I
>have only a white screen for myself, and an unsupported video capture
>message. In the white pine version 3.1 for win 95. I sometimes get static
>in the test windows but more often, I am told it is initializing but never
>get a picture sometimes a green or black screen. I have changed format,
>which usually hangs the system or gives an "format could not be opened
>digitizer ECU #8326. I am using a Microsoft image capture device. Tech
>support at whitepine had no clue.

I had a "similar" problem when I first installed a Panasonic Egg Cam on a
system. I do not know what USB uses, but Mira makes a vidcap card that they
license out to camera vendors. This card is "supposidly" plug and play on
Win95 machines. However, this was not the case as it installed itself right
over another critical peice of hardware on my machine. If I were you, the
first thing I would do is check for hardware device conflicts. Do this by:
Right click on your "My Computer" icon
Select the properties menu item
A dialog saying "System Properties" should appear
Select the "Device Manager" tab.
In your list you will see "Sound, video and game controllers", select this
under this heading you should see all of your Sound Cards, Gameports etc
Your vidcap card should also be listed under here.
If the icon for it has a little yellow exclamation point on it, you have a
problem with the vidcap card, and need to seek the assistance of your camera
vendor. If your vidcap card is not listed here at all, you will also need
more assistance from your camera vendor.