RE: 4 Folks Chatting

Terry W. Reed (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 14:54:13 -0500

A good source for IP multicasting info is (IP
Multicast Initiative)


At 03:46 PM 1/12/98 -0600, Jason Williams wrote:
>On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, Brian K. Dowtin wrote:
>> Someone was asking about 4 folks chatting privately on a ref,
>> which leads me to wonder about....
>> Multicasting...
>> Being to lazy to read up on the subject as I am. (or too
>> busy working, if lazy doesn't sit well with you).
>> I'm curious if Multicasting is works in an internet
>> environment? If so whats it like? Slow, fast, stinky, etc?
>I'm certainly no expert...but I've tried getting it to work on my modem
>(supposedly the University is on the MBONE for multicasting)...but nothing
>worked. From what little I know, not only do the end points have to
>support it, but all the routers in between as well. I've tried some of
>the multicasting tools on campus (NV, VAT, SD/SDR, etc)) and haven't had
>much success. I don't know too much about it either though...just that it
>generally doesn't work over large distances on the Internet (especially
>modem to modem as the end points). Of course, IP tunnelling could come
>into play... I've heard it works great on internal lans which support it.
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