Brian Snyder (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 13:31:05 -0500

I installed Enhanced Reflector v1.07b7 and am only able to connect if
the SELF-REFLECT is turned ON. I am on a ethernet lan using CU-SEEME
v0.92b2 connecting to a REDHAT Linux 486/133 running Brian Godette's
reflector. If SELF-REFLECT is OFF I get "unable to connect to ....".
IF SELF-REFLECT is ON I am able to connect. If SELF-REFLECT is OFF, I
am only able to connect by FIRST connecting another client using WP3.1
(which works), leaving that client connected then I am able to connect
using CORNELL CU-SEEME. I can then disconnect the WP client and any
other CORNELL client can connect, NO PROBLEM. BUT if SELF-REFLECT is
OFF the CORNELL version CANNOT be the FIRST connection (FAILS). I hope
there is a solution because I DON'T want to leave SELF-REFLECT on...
THANKS !!!!!!

Brian D. Snyder