Problems finding a reflector to connect to

Dave Cluck (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 23:30:51 -0600

Hello List,

Being new to the list as of right now, I thought I'd start of with something
appropriately newbie-ish...

I can't seem to find any reflectors that I can actually connect with. Not
even Cornell's test site seems to want to cooperate with me. I've got a
small list of reflector servers from a cu-seeme related site in the form of
an ini file (of all things...), found that this wasn't importable into the
Phonebook (well, duh!), and subsequently entered them all in manually. And
yes, I'm as sure as one can be that I did so correctly.

All ready to test out my new Connectix Color Cam2, I find that not a one of
the dozen or so listed sites allow me to connect. Ermm.. Ugh..

Pertinent infomatalia:
OS: NT4 (SP3)
Video doohickey: Color Cam2 (latest drivers, etc.)
Processor/s: Dual PPro 180s
Memory: 144M
Version of Cu-SeeMe: .92b2
Beverage: Grande Cafe Mocha - w/ extra shot of espresso

I'm sitting here watching myself write this note, pondering how strange it
is to do so, and wanting terribly to force others to watch me as if I were
on display at the village petting zoo. Uhmm.. help? I thnk I need it :)

Dave Cluck