Jason Williams (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 00:19:02 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Brian Snyder wrote:
> I installed Enhanced Reflector v1.07b7 and am only able to connect if
> the SELF-REFLECT is turned ON.

I assume you have a config file setup for the reflector?
My only guess would be that the Cornell client requires a MOTD in order
for it to fully connect. (Probably left over from the 0.84b7 days).

A common problem with 0.84b7 was that it would report "unable to connect"
if the reflector was empty. I've seen it happen with 0.92b2 when the
reflector is empty AND there's no MOTD set.

You can tell if you're really connected by using refmon to connect and
monitor the reflector. More than likely, it will show a connection. The
solution is to set a MOTD (or conf-motd)

> I can then disconnect the WP client and any other CORNELL client can
> connect, NO PROBLEM.

Probably has to do with the hold-down time for connections...dunno

> OFF the CORNELL version CANNOT be the FIRST connection (FAILS). I hope
> there is a solution because I DON'T want to leave SELF-REFLECT on...
> THANKS !!!!!!

Only reason self-reflect prevents the client from timing out is because it
sees that as another client connecting... Try using refmon on the ref when
connecting the Cornell client...It will connect, but times out since no
one else is there and (presumably) the MOTD is blank.
The fix is to include a MOTD.

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