Silicon Vision CamKit

SteveSmith (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 08:48:25 EST

I recently received this info from Global Impact. Does anyone have any
information regarding compatibility with CUSeeMe?

REVISION: 1/15/97

Product image, goto:

Silicon Vision

CamKit 512N
Digital Video PC Camera Kit
for Desktop Computers

Video Conferencing
Internet Ready
Video E-mail
Software Control
Digital Snapshots
Windows 95 Plug-n-Play

Welcome to the world of advanced digital video!
This digital video PC camera kit has everything
you need to upgrade your PC - an advanced
digital camera, a high-performance PCI interface
card and a suite of software applications that
will have you recording your own video in no time.

Installation is Plug-n-Play and the unique "No
IRQ Required" design ensures maximum compatibility
with your other peripherals. With iVision
technology you're guaranteed superior all-digital
image quality. This camera system provides image
clarity that analog solutions can't match.

And, unlike parallel port and USB-port cameras,
the iVision CamPort captures video at live motion
rates - ensuring high quality video for video
conferencing, video e-mail, desktop security or
any of the other new and exciting video
applications coming to the PC. With iVision
technology, you get true digital PC video today.

Complete PC Video Solution Get Ready to add live
digital video to your PC. Send a video sales pitch
with your next e-mail sales letter. Include video
footage in a PowerPoint presentation to investors.
Based on revolutionary iVision technology, this
camera and software solution delivers unmatched
image quality and business utility. Install this
comprehensive package and launch your business
into the 21st century today!

Advanced Digital Camera Get sharper images with
all-digital video. Using innovative iVision
digital technology, the Silicon Vision camera
dramatically reduces memory consumption and CPU
load during video processing. These improvements
deliver exceptionally high frame rates in full
color (16 million colors) - up to 30 fps at 512 x
492 resolution. Superior to analog PC cameras,
these frame rates produce smoother video images.

Handy Design and Industry Standards Fully compliant
with Microsoft Video for Windows. Camera features
tripod mount, focus wheel and privacy shutter.
Convenient black and white mode delivers high
resolutions when color is unnecessary. Works with
all major video conferencing and video capture

Easy Installation for Windows 95 Install the PCI
interface card, plug in the camera, run the Plug-n-
Play installation, and adjust the focus - now
you're ready to send 24-bit color video. No power
cables or IRQ setup required. Our Video for Windows
driver eliminates IRQ setting - avoiding conflicts
with other devices.

Kit Includes:

Color Digital Video Camera
iVision compatible
512 x 492 resolution
16 million colors
Tripod mount

PCI Video Capture Card
High speed digital CamPort

OneTouch camera control
Plug-n-Play camera driver
Complete PC video software suite

Minimum System Requirements:

Pentium 133 MHz PC or higher
16MB RAM or more
28.8 bps or faster modem
16-bit sound with microphone
SVGA card supporting 256 colors +
Windows 95 operating system
CD-ROM drive
Available PCI slot

No IRQ Required