Brian Snyder (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 09:02:16 -0500

Jason Williams wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Brian Snyder wrote:
> > I installed Enhanced Reflector v1.07b7 and am only able to connect if
> > the SELF-REFLECT is turned ON.
> I assume you have a config file setup for the reflector?
> My only guess would be that the Cornell client requires a MOTD in order
> for it to fully connect. (Probably left over from the 0.84b7 days).
> A common problem with 0.84b7 was that it would report "unable to connect"
> if the reflector was empty. I've seen it happen with 0.92b2 when the
> reflector is empty AND there's no MOTD set.
> You can tell if you're really connected by using refmon to connect and
> monitor the reflector. More than likely, it will show a connection. The
> solution is to set a MOTD (or conf-motd)
> > I can then disconnect the WP client and any other CORNELL client can
> > connect, NO PROBLEM.
> Probably has to do with the hold-down time for connections...dunno
> > OFF the CORNELL version CANNOT be the FIRST connection (FAILS). I hope
> > there is a solution because I DON'T want to leave SELF-REFLECT on...
> > THANKS !!!!!!
> Only reason self-reflect prevents the client from timing out is because it
> sees that as another client connecting... Try using refmon on the ref when
> connecting the Cornell client...It will connect, but times out since no
> one else is there and (presumably) the MOTD is blank.
> The fix is to include a MOTD.
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I included a MOTD and now I can connect to an empty reflector using
0.92b2 with SELF-REFLECT OFF ! Thanks for your help and quick response.