More surplus video/audio stuff

Si Ballenger (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 12:41:25 -0500

In my ramblings for cheap video conference equipment, I found an
earpiece/mic combo that may be of interest to the group. It is an NEC
headset microphone which is on sale now for $4.00 at
in the "special value" section. A while back I got several for $5.88. They
look kind of cheap and rat-butt ugly, so I just tossed them back in the box
and forgot about them. Yesterday while checking the site for their headsets (which seem to get a lot
of very good reviews in the netmeeting news groups), I noticed that the
ANC-100 unit is very similar to the surplus unit I got. I checked and the
units I got, and they are Andrea Anti-noise NC-100 models. I think the ANC
is "active noise canceling" and the NC is the less expensive "noise
canceling" variety. Haven't checked my units out yet, but the noise
canceling reportedly helps alot with keeping the audio bandwidth down to a