Problem with my local video

Ken Buhagiar (
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 22:23:27 -0800

My brother and I have just installed Cornell's CU-seeme version VO.92 on
our respective Windows 95 machines. We are each using B&W QuickCams.
When we attempt to connect to each other, I can see him, but he cannot
see me. I show up on his machine as a lurker, but he cannot receive my

I suspect that the problem is on my end, for the following reasons:

a) When I first start CU-Seeme, it takes about 90 seconds for the
application to load (I'm running a Pentium 150 with 32 megs of memory)
b) When I click on View - Preferences, I only have three index tabs
(General, Rates, & Audio), whereas my brother has four (General, Rates,
Audio, and Video)
c) When I click on Phone Book, under Video Options, the Send Video
selection is grayed out and cannot be changed.

Could anyone out there please enlighten me as to how to remedy this
frustrating situation?

Thanks in advance.
Ken Buhagiar