Re: reflector software?

Jason Williams (
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 04:48:50 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 18 Jan 1998, ike relucio wrote:
> makes you wonder why white pine isn't saying anything about ver. 2.1.2 on
> their site, doesn't it ?

Yep..all I've heard from one WP employee is that 2.1.2 only allowed on USB
camera to use CU..nothing more.

Though if I recall, their Readme says a lot more...and I think Brian
Godette mentioned 2.1.2 fixed chat recovery requests from 2.1.1..though
I'm not sure.

An excerpt:

Problems Fixed Since Version 2.1.1

- A new Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) video codec has been added to replace the
M-JPEG codec supplied in Version 2.1.1, which was unreliable under certain

- The selection of YVU9 video capture format now switches to the correct
setting for sending grayscale video images. Video capture cards that use
YVU9 will also display improved color quality.

- The installer will update the cuseeme.ini file to support the Kodak
DVC300 camera by adding the following section:

[Microsoft WDM Image Capture]
Bit Count=9
Size Image=21600

- New additions to the cuseeme.ini file also set the default color to
16-bit color if you have a Nogatech PCMCIA video capture card installed in
your computer.

- The Video Preference tab option to invert the gray table now takes
affect immediately. Exiting the program and restarting is no longer

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