Re: is it possible to add/embed a cusm video feed into a netscape page?

Douglas Macduff (
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 07:02:29 -0800

I worked on this tonight. Everyone please visit my homepage and check it
I'd like criticism if you think it can be done better. It's only 535k and
the rest is explained below.
I don't know the html for anyone to send me email so you have to do it
after you quit your browser...or something like that..:)

I asked this question a while ago and Mark answered me.
With his help I was able to place a 535k avi on my homepage.
I read the help file and was able to use a frame rate of 8
while reducing the picture size to the smallest (for easy loading and
better fram rate). Also, try using as much light as possible that helps
not only in the viewing but with the frame rate. (It's all there in the
HELP file).
I have the codec but by now someone else has probably answered. But if
not, this is the
one that Mark gave me and it works for me. Like Mark said,, Don't forget to
write the width and height of your picture.
use this:

<embed src="amboseli.avi" HEIGHT=260 WIDTH=400

It works great!
thanks Mark and for the phone help too.

Doug (capecodder)

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> From: e <>
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> Subject: is it possible to add/embed a cusm video feed into a netscape
> Date: Monday, January 19, 1998 10:30 PM
> hello all,
> is it possible to add embed cusm into a netscape page or other browser
> page? i am trying to set up a studio camera that is available for
> to go to my url and see my room live; through their browser.
> what is the best way to do this with cusm. i read a blip about one
> doing it with telnet and cusm; he was telneting his cusm ip and others
> could see a live feed.
> any code you can email me or advice you can give me regarding this would
> appreciated.
> E