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>hello all,
>is it possible to add embed cusm into a netscape page or other browser
>page? i am trying to set up a studio camera that is available for people,
>to go to my url and see my room live; through their browser.
>what is the best way to do this with cusm. i read a blip about one fellow
>doing it with telnet and cusm; he was telneting his cusm ip and others
>could see a live feed.
>any code you can email me or advice you can give me regarding this would be

The easiest solution is to use either the Real Video server (if live
action is an essential) or WebCAM (if a series of stills is ok). With the
Real Server, you send a live feed to a window on your page that is
accessible by all who visit the site (no need for a client if you use the
built-in web display features). With WebCAM, you save a still image (in
.jpg format) at whatever intervals you select (from a few seconds to hours)
and viewers see it as any other image on the page (since they need to
refresh the screen to see new views, it's a good idea to have such an image
on a page that doesn't have a lot of other graphics -- or even on a page
that launches a separate instance of the browser client directly and
contains ONLY the WebCAM image and relevant text).

You can of course put a CU-SeeMe .cu file on the page for people to
connect to your site, but it requires them to have CU-SeeMe installed on
their machines and is a very slow way to send it.

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