Non-English version of Windows95 & Inatall Troubles?

Jeagan Lee (
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 20:06:13 +0900

I am experiencing difficulties installing CU-SeeMe cu31.exe file from
the White Pine. I have posted about it twice last week:Repeated failure
installing downloaded CU-SeeMe file(Wed.,Jan 14) and Unsolved problems
with the installation(Sat.,Jan 17).I also contacted participants who
answered privately.

With the second weekend nearing end, I still didn't come up with any
concrete solution to my trouble. But I think I have some possible clue
after all those contacts.

Ms. Lisa Christiansen from the White Pine asked if I have a Chinese
version of Windows95. Mr.Mark E.Hendricks didn't hesitate to take the
all time and efforts to dowmload and install the 9.91M file himself.His
has no problem and his CU-Seeme works well! Considering his time zone he
lives in east coast of North America and operates on an English version
of OS. Mr.YN Kwan, probably from Hong Kong , works on a Chinese version
of Windows95 and failing to install the same file. He also is saying
that English version of Windows95 has no problem in installing the file.

According to Mr.Hendricks' suggestion, I erased all the CU-SeeMe files
in my system and downloaded the file again.The results were just the
same.Now I strongly suspect that there is a high possibililty of some
sort of links between non-English version of Windows95 and the inatall
Is there anyone out there who has the knowledge and cure about that?
I deeply appreciate the efforts the experienced members extended to help
me out of my trouble.

With the best regards.

Jeagan Lee
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