Re: trying again...

ike relucio (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 21:19:27 +0800

does your camera have video for windows drivers ? this is the only kind of
driver that cu-seeme will recognize. check your sytem.ini for entries that
begin with msvideo=

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From: Rob White <>
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Date: Thursday, January 22, 1998 2:43 PM
Subject: trying again...

>after no success with the tv tuner card as imput for my camera
>(topsight) I picked up a Philips/Winnov easy video card. Installation
>was a snap...but I am not getting video. I did with the other card, just
>couldn't use it with cu-seeme. I checked to see that it was calling for
>the proper driver and it looks good there. Do I need to change anything
>in the system.ini to make this combination come online? Any help will be
>appreciated...just getting into it so far...just want my
>color! By the way...I don't get video with the included software (card)
>or with cuseeme (3.1). I got the card from computer geeks and it has
>only online booklet. Cu-seeme says can't initialize driver and
>give error code 418.