re:CU-SeeMe via Web

Brian K. Dowtin (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 09:00:22 -0500 (EST)

Some ideas on getting Cu-SeeMe through web...

>From what you describe, 2 programs came to mind..

The first is Timbuktu's Look@me. Not a web program but sorta does what
you seem to want

The other is the 'web version' of PC Anywhere. I'm not certain that its PC
anywhere but there is a PC anywhere type of program demo that only works
through a web browser - essentially you'd run CU-SeeMe and the anywhere
server on your pc, and folks look at your PC through the browser.

Issues/Problems I forsee -

1. Bandwith - if you wan't to sort of 'echo' your cu-session to the web,
you're gonna need enough bits per second, to handle the 'your' stuff, plus
the stuff you're sending to everyone else

2. Providing bandwith isn't the issuse - you may be looking at creating a
whole different animal - the WebPage cuchat. But by its nature, HTTP (the
web protocol) isn't real well suited for real time video. Moving to a
plug-in kind of deal for a browser, would be really not much different at
all from just using cu-seeme alone, other than it'd be stuck in a web

Hope It Helps!
'Brian Dowtin