Hauppage cam and cu-seeme ???

Fabio Augusto (augusto@iqm.unicamp.br)
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 22:38:57 -0200

Dear List fellows:
Recently a colleague acquired a Hauppage color cam, and compared with
Connectix cam, the vid quality and speed seemed fantastic to me. This guy
got the cam in a local retail store for about $400, but told me that in US
and European market the camera plus a capture card can be found in the
range of $200 (a bit more than a Connectix).
He use the cam for capturing videos for classroom demonstrations and isn't
a cu user, therefore I couldn't check the compatibility of the device - and
I wasn't able to found information on this topic in the usual sources. Does
this cam works with cu ? And the price in Europe is really that I
mentioned above (going to Holland next month and thinking about buying one
there) ?
I think this topic had been treated in the list before - but since I had
no idea of the quality and price of the cam, I confess I didn't pay much
attention to this (and apologize for requesting information in a matter
already treated). But I'd really apreciate any help on this.
Thank you...
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