Re: trying again...

Si Ballenger (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 20:37:32 -0500

You might turn your news reader to the winnov news server at,
where they answer questons about the winnov cards (note that the philips OEM
card is kind of like "satin's love child"), so you might not get direct
answers, but somebody may have had similar problems. Did you remove your tv
card? The winnov card reportably won't work if there is another capture card
installed. Try the card with something like netmeeting to see if it works
with it.

At 02:38 PM 1/21/98 -0600, you wrote:
>after no success with the tv tuner card as imput for my camera
>(topsight) I picked up a Philips/Winnov easy video card. Installation
>was a snap...but I am not getting video. I did with the other card, just
>couldn't use it with cu-seeme. I checked to see that it was calling for
>the proper driver and it looks good there. Do I need to change anything
>in the system.ini to make this combination come online? Any help will be
>appreciated...just getting into it so far...just want my
>color! By the way...I don't get video with the included software (card)
>or with cuseeme (3.1). I got the card from computer geeks and it has
>only online booklet. Cu-seeme says can't initialize driver and
>give error code 418.