Thinkpad 760ed and cu-seeme

Ascheinman (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 22:34:02 EST

Help. I know this question has been asked before ... but i am unable to get
my thinkpad to work correctly with cu-seeme, version 0.92b2.

1. When i start cu-seeme, a box comes up with "unsupported video capture

2. When i click on okay, i am able to use cuseeme and can indeed see other
people, but cant get my own video to work, although if i bring up the preview
window, i see myself just fine (also i know that friends can't see me ... the
see a box with my name, but its just white).

3. If i go to preferences, video, format, there are three image formats
listed, Overlay YUV 422, Compressed YUV 422, and Overlap YUV 420. If i select
any of these i get the same "unsupported video capture setting" box.

4. in the system.ini file, msvideo=tricapt.drv, which is presumably the
trident video capture driver. there are no other msvideo* driver entries.

I imagine i need a different driver, or perhaps a different version of the
software. i havent seen anything in the archives; does anyone have any
suggestions? am i using the best version of the software?

thanks in advance, Andrew Scheinman