Re: Thinkpad 760ed and cu-seeme

ike relucio (
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 20:09:21 +0800

do any of the codecs listed allow you to capture video in black&white or
gray ?

this is the only video that the cornell version of cu-seeme can support
(although the preview window might show color.

with my connectix color quickcam if i have the video format set a millions
of colors i get the unsupported video capture setting message too.

with the quickcam set at thousands of colors, no message and my local video
window is in gray but my preview window is in color.

so my guess would be that if you can set your capture setting to a lower
color depth setting or even to grayscale then you should be able to send

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From: Ascheinman <>
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Date: Friday, January 23, 1998 3:59 PM
Subject: Thinkpad 760ed and cu-seeme

>Help. I know this question has been asked before ... but i am unable to
>my thinkpad to work correctly with cu-seeme, version 0.92b2.
>1. When i start cu-seeme, a box comes up with "unsupported video capture
>2. When i click on okay, i am able to use cuseeme and can indeed see other
>people, but cant get my own video to work, although if i bring up the
>window, i see myself just fine (also i know that friends can't see me ...
>see a box with my name, but its just white).
>3. If i go to preferences, video, format, there are three image formats
>listed, Overlay YUV 422, Compressed YUV 422, and Overlap YUV 420. If i
>any of these i get the same "unsupported video capture setting" box.
>4. in the system.ini file, msvideo=tricapt.drv, which is presumably the
>trident video capture driver. there are no other msvideo* driver entries.
>I imagine i need a different driver, or perhaps a different version of the
>software. i havent seen anything in the archives; does anyone have any
>suggestions? am i using the best version of the software?
>thanks in advance, Andrew Scheinman