Re: is it possible to add/embed a cusm video feed into a netscape page/with macintosh in mind.......

Jason Williams ()
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:41:58 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 21 Jan 1998, e wrote:
> thanx for all the help with this, i have received many great suggestions
> and seen some cool pages. however, most have been from windows users;
> their are more options with windows for live video delivery, it is an
> easier task with put live streaming video on a page. how
> about some mac users and their ideas?

There are more options for live streaming video, yes...But I don't see why
it would be any easier provided there are APIs on the Mac side to allow
it. Most of the webcams I've seen either update a web page with a JPEG
picture every X seconds, or stream JPEG frame after frame with streaming
vid. Macs support JPEG so I don't see why it'd be difficult.

There are more options available on PC probably because there are many
more capture devices from what I can tell. I'm definitely NOT a Mac
person, but from what I've seen, the only lowend modem port camera I've
seen is the Quickcam on the Mac.

> i am working on an add on to cusm for mac to allow it to easily be tagged
> into a web page........but rather than spend 6 months doing this......any
> mac users know a way that already exists? this could really be a
> revoloution in net video delivery for all concerned.

You might try talking to White Pine to see what they have planned. I know
Gary Dietz mentioned advances in the PC version for ActiveX controls and a
web-based frontend to CU-SeeMe to make it completely configurable. I'm
not sure if that extends to the Mac version or not. In any case, good
luck :)

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