Re: Hauppage cam and cu-seeme ???

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>Dear List fellows:
> Recently a colleague acquired a Hauppage color cam, and compared with
>Connectix cam, the vid quality and speed seemed fantastic to me. This guy
>got the cam in a local retail store for about $400, but told me that in US
>and European market the camera plus a capture card can be found in the
>range of $200 (a bit more than a Connectix).
> He use the cam for capturing videos for classroom demonstrations and isn't
>a cu user, therefore I couldn't check the compatibility of the device - and
>I wasn't able to found information on this topic in the usual sources. Does
>this cam works with cu ? And the price in Europe is really that I
>mentioned above (going to Holland next month and thinking about buying one
>there) ?
> I think this topic had been treated in the list before - but since I had
>no idea of the quality and price of the cam, I confess I didn't pay much
>attention to this (and apologize for requesting information in a matter
>already treated). But I'd really apreciate any help on this.
> Thank you...
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Holland. Sounds nice! I think the compatabilty issue lies not with the
cam, but rather with the capture card. I am not familiar with this
particular package, but I use an Hauppage card and it works with CUSeeMe.
I suspect that Hauppage has incorporated CUSeeMe compatability into many,
if not all, of their products. You might try to contact them directly to
get the info straight from the horse's mouth. Their sales department
fields product information questions you can E-mail them at -
<> . Their homepage is - <> .
Good Luck.
Mark E. Hendricks

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