Re: A challenge

Si Ballenger (
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 11:55:07 -0500

At 06:29 PM 1/23/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I've got an unusual idea. It's probably not possible, but I'd love it if it
was. I have a Mac 660AV which has built in audio and video, but its only a
680040 running OS 7.1 (which means I can't use the new White Pines version
of CU-SEEME unless I upgrade).
>I'm networked to my Pentium 133 via PC MACLAN which has no video at all.
Can I somehow stream the video from my Macintosh over my network to the
Pentium 133 and use it as a "virtual" Video Input Device that the Windows
Version of Cornell CU-SEEME (and hopefully any other application) would
recognize as video input?
>The person who comes up with a workable solution will be dubbed "The
Greatest Most Imperial Guru of all Time", and in addition will be entitled
to all the free air they want :-).
>Grazie Mille, (The Italians say thanks a thousand instead of thanks a
million. An Italian once humorously explained they weren't as rich as
Americans <Grin>)

If you like to experiment, you might be able to use the program webcam32
to supply a streaming video from the mac (example at, use netscape on the
pc to view it, have one of the html/java/cgi (however they do it) setups
where the webcam pix is in its own standalone box, use an "always on top"
program to keep it on top, use cudoodle to put the frame in a video for
windows format for cuseeme. Since you probably already have a video source,
I would suggest you get one of the philips easyvideo cards that are being
surplused now and put it in the pc (current low price is $35 for 1, $28 for
10 or more shipped in one box, which maybe something the overseas crowd
would be interested in).