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Mark E. Hendricks (
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 13:21:31 -0500

At 08:03 PM 1/23/98 -0800, Artie wrote:
>I recently installed a new video card, ATI All-In-Wonder...with a TV
>tuner and video caption capabilities...My problem is that each time I
>launch Cuseeme, I get the Video from the TV tuner and not from the
>Connectix Cam I have...I am running Win95 SR2 release. When I launch the
>Connectix program, the camera works fine. Can you give me some advice
>on what to do.
>Thank You
>Art Monarrez
Try selecting the 'view' menu command. Then select preference > video >
video source . Choose 'camera' as your video source. I do not use a
digital cam, like the Connectix' models, but I think this should do the
trick for you. Good Luck.
Mark E. Hendricks

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