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d.morel (
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 13:24:20 -0500

> I recently installed a new video card, ATI All-In-Wonder...with a TV
> tuner and video caption capabilities...My problem is that each time I
> launch Cuseeme, I get the Video from the TV tuner and not from the
> Connectix Cam I have...I am running Win95 SR2 release. When I launch the
> Connectix program, the camera works fine. Can you give me some advice
> on what to do.
> Thank You
> Art Monarrez

Since I am not sure what version of CU your using I will give you the
easy solution to your problem:
Before you fire up your CU launch the ATI video player application,
(should have installed itself in the system tray)-use a right click.
Then set to compoisite mode, which should be your vid camera, or
whatever input your using... Then close the ati player app, launch CU
and all should be good.
The on the fly solution is to change the "source" in the CU video
pref's. Which can be fun with the all in wonder because you can
broadcast live vid, tv, (I broadcast the time square ball dropping on
new years :) or even movies if your so moved...
But switching it before you launch if you just want to send your vid
should take care of the problem.

David Morel
-The el Reflector

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