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Sun, 25 Jan 1998 10:40:15 -0800

Dear DR. Crellin,

By happenstance, I own Timbuktu for both the PC and the Mac, so look@me is
unnecessary. I fired up Timbuktu on both machines and tried to view Apple
Video first, since it's in color (although it seem cudoodle only supports
grey-scale [am I wrong?]). Unfortunately all I see on the PC side is a
black hole where the video is streaming. Then I started the Cornell
CU-SEEME. I was able to see the video from the PC but only as a still. I had
to click on the Mac Video CU-SEEME Window to get it to update. Apparently
Timbuktu can't detect that screen area is updating. I almost downloaded
look@me to see if it was any better.

Then I noticed that the audio bar movement of the mac was visible on the PC.
I moved the Audio bar only by a couple of pixels over the video source and
magically I was seeing full motion video on my PC.

Then using CUDOODLE, I moved the Timbuktu screen image over the CUDOODLE
frame and started picking up local video in both the White Pines 3.1 demo
version and in VideoPhone.

I believe that anybody could use the above methodology by substituting
look@me for Timbuktu to have a totally free workable video transfer solution
between any two networked computers Mac, PC, or both.

Many Thanks,


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Date: Saturday, January 24, 1998 5:43 AM
Subject: Re: A challenge

>> I've got an unusual idea. It's probably not possible, but I'd love
>>it if it was. I have a Mac 660AV which has built in audio and video, but
>>its only a 680040 running OS 7.1 (which means I can't use the new White
>>Pines version of CU-SEEME unless I upgrade). I'm networked to my Pentium
>>133 via PC MACLAN which has no video at all. Can I somehow stream the
>>video from my Macintosh over my network to the Pentium 133 and use it as
>>a "virtual" Video Input Device that the Windows Version of Cornell
>>CU-SEEME (and hopefully any other application) would recognize as video
>>input? The person who comes up with a workable solution will be dubbed
>>"The Greatest Most Imperial Guru of all Time", and in addition will be
>>entitled to all the free air they want :-). Grazie Mille,&nbsp; (The
>>Italians say thanks a thousand instead of thanks a million. An Italian
>>once humorously explained they weren't as rich as Americans <Grin>)
>Here is part of a solution, not all there, but you might be able to fiddle
>it into working....
>You could try putting look@me on both Mac and PC, this works over lans as
>well as TCP/IP. This means you could display your Mac desktop on your PC.
>You could then use CUdoodle, which grabs a selected portion of the desktop,
>to grab the bit of the Mac displayed desktop with the video on. Look@me
>and CU-SeeMe run at the same time (I've occaisionally used it from my Mac
>at home to see how my work PC is picking up my video on CU). One problem
>is that the video input displayed by the capture card (e.g. Apple Video
>Player) will not be transmitted by Look@Me, due to the way the video input
>is displayed on the desktop, but you may be able to find a way to convert
>the video input into a compatible form, for example by running CU on the
>Mac and picking up the video from there (of course you can't start CU
>unless you have a TCP/IP connection, so still a bit tricky).
>I find CU works a little better on Macs than PCs though, you might find the
>lowly 68040 does as good a job as the supposedly superior P133 if you did
>Its not quite the right URL, but try looking at
>as a starting point to find the Look@Me download page. Look@Me is a free,
>cutdown version of Farallon's wonderful remote control software (I'm not
>associated with the company, just a satisfied customr). It shows the
>remote the desktop but doesn't allow you to manipulate it. But for your
>problem that might just provide part of the solution....
>CUdoodle ought to be easy to find with a netsearch, can't remember where I
>picked it up.

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