I'm new on CU-Seeme-L and need a site partner

Blake Turner (wjhsbrt@hotmail.com)
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 17:23:10 PST

Date: 1-26-98
To: Prospective CU-Seeme Partner
From: Blake Turner
Note: I am new on CU-SeeMe system. I teach a class of students with
learning differences in the area of pre-vocational training at
the 8th/9th grade level. If you have a class of students at
this level (7th-9th grade levels) and want to start a connection
between our classes, please put a message on the LISTPROC OR
LIST SERV or contact me privately.
Email address: c642759@show.missouri.edu
Fax at school: (573) 886-2767
School Address:West Junior High/401 Clinkscales Rd/Columbia,MO

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