PowerMac 7500 and QuickCam: Am I just missing something?

Ert Dredge (ert@alum.mit.edu)
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 22:17:29 -0600 (CST)


I have a pmac 7500 with A/V-in jacks built-in. I've always been able to
use CU-SeeMe to transmit from the built-in RCA video connections, but that
hasn't been a lot of use to me since I don't have a camera source, just a

Over the weekend I decided to remedy this and bought a Connectix greyscale
QuickCam. I installed the latest version of everything (Connectix drivers,
applications, QuickTime, CU-SeeMe 0.87b3), went to the connectix web site
for updates, etc.

Trouble is, I *still* can only send my built-in composite NTSC over
CU-SeeMe, *not* use the QuickCam as a source. The Connectix bundled
software happily switches between either video source, but not CU-SeeMe.
Scouring web sites doesn't seem to come up with the answer, just a lot of
promises that the QuickCam works with CU-SeeMe.

So. Is there a little obvious piece of information I'm missing, or is the
QuickCam driver just overridden on the 7500 as far as CU-SeeMe knows?

On another front, my sister has the opposite problem - she has a camcorder
but no QuickCam hooked up to her 6500, and CU-SeeMe refuses to acknowledge
the existence of her camcorder. *sigh*.

- Ert

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