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At 02:29extv -0000 24/01/98, Derald Grimwood wrote:
> I've got an unusual idea. It's probably not possible, but I'd love it if it was. I have a Mac 660AV which has built in audio and video, but its only a 680040 running OS 7.1 (which means I can't use the new White Pines version of CU-SEEME unless I upgrade). I'm networked to my Pentium 133 via PC MACLAN which has no video at all. Can I somehow stream the video from my Macintosh over my network to the Pentium 133 and use it as a "virtual" Video Input Device that the Windows Version of Cornell CU-SEEME (and hopefully any other application) would recognize as video input? The person who comes up with a workable solution will be dubbed "The Greatest Most Imperial Guru of all Time", and in addition will be entitled to all the free air they want :-). Grazie Mille, (The Italians say thanks a thousand instead of thanks a million. An Italian once humorously explained they weren't as rich as Americans <Grin>) Derald

Well, but what we do with our own realaudio server is to connect a macintosh powerbook as a real-time realaudio encoder via ISDN to our NT realaudio server. The NT server has built-in router functions, which allows us to give an IP to the distant mac (actually a LAN since the server has several ISDN lines) over the Net-BUUI protocol and then organize. You also need to have an IP range available.
You then only have to find a .exe that then allows you to send over the audio/video stream to cusm.

Gulp! i forgot something...
You need a PPC chip on your mac to real-time encode.

the french say thanks a lot, which i cannot explain , even humourosly ;-)


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