MacOS 8.1 breaks Cornell CU-SeeMe on my PowerBook :-(

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 11:16:08 -0500

> From: Joe Izen <>
> To:,
> Subject: MacOS 8.1 breaks Cornell CU-SeeMe on my PowerBook :-(

> I've just upgraded my PowerBook 3400c to MacOS 8.1 and found that my
> CUSM outgoing audio doesn't work.

> I have verified that the PPC versions of CU-SeeMe 85b1, 87b1, and 87b3 all
> fail in this same way. Other applications such as Connectix QuickMovie are
> not affected, and work fine.

> I suspect this is a bug or at least an imcompatibility in CU-SeeMe itself,
> but if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

unfortunately transmitting audio with cuseeme when using macos 8.1 doesnt
work. my limited understanding of the matter is that apple changed the name
of the out input devices in the sound manager/os with the upgrade. they
mentioned that this may break some applications. however some applications
still work fine. this suggests to me that mayb the applications that work
get a list of the sound input devices from some variable or something. cu
on the other hand mayb hard coded the names of the sound input devices into
the program. ive tried the following with no luck:

downgrading my sound manager
opening cuseeme with resedit (im not a programmer) to c if i c anything
obvious i could change

a friend of mine tried sending me audio from mac cu 3.x running on a ppc
with macos 8.1 and the audio sounded like a the buzz of a bee. im not sure
what codec he was using.

i downloaded cooltalk for the mac so i could get audio and video. btw there
r a few cooltalk extensions that were incompatible with quicktime 3.0b16 on
my system. i havent had a chance to c if cooltalk audio works as yet.

lemmie know if u find any solutions to the problem.

from what i just read on the list it seems like the cornell cu team is no
longer working on cu and so its not likely this will b fixed. and i rather
doubt there is enough demand for mac cornell cu audio to work to convince
them to try and fix the problem.

Mark Andrew Nassy, <>