is it possible to add/embed a cusm video feed into a netscape

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 11:55:54 -0500

> thanx for all the help with this, i have received many great suggestions
> and seen some cool pages. however, most have been from windows users;
> their are more options with windows for live video delivery, it is an
> easier task with put live streaming video on a page. how
> about some mac users and their ideas?

> i am working on an add on to cusm for mac to allow it to easily be tagged
> into a web page........but rather than spend 6 months doing this......any
> mac users know a way that already exists? this could really be a
> revoloution in net video delivery for all concerned.

its been a while since ive tried this. so i may b off on some of the details.

i think when the 1st versions of netscape came out they were able to embed
video in a web page. however u had to have unix to view the live video in a
web page. the only place i knew of that transmitted live video was some
class room or laboratory at mit. i never had access to a unix web browser
so i was never able to view the video and ive since lost the link. as far
as i know neither mac or ms windows support video like that then and now. i
think both of these oses simulate live video by using a series of pictures
or combining a series of images into a movie or just uploading a movie.
correct me some1 if im wrong. (real video doesnt count.)

if u dont mind using a series of images to simulate video then u can try
the following.

periodically capture images in jpeg or gif format and then ftp those images
to ur web site.

there r a couple such shareware programs out there for the mac that do
this. i dont have the url for any however. id suggest the following:

try a web search for web cam. a few years back b4 quickcam most of the web
cam pages were mac and unix. now id suspect most r pc. anyway check those
pages out for any mac users and ask them what they r using or for
suggestions. if u find a page by a guy named ming chen he may know where to
steer u.

several years back i wrote an applescript to accomplish the same thing with
a little twist. basically my mac turned on when i was at work, it then
uploaded a file when ever it changed to my web site and then turned off
after a speified time. so the faster the file changed the more images that
were uploaded. the script served 2 purposes. it uploaded my cousins phd
thesis to her ftp site when she saved it and it allowed me upload pictures
from my tv to my web site so i could watch football at work. the big
disadvantage to this is that netscape blinked 2 much when reloading the
image and the min reasonable time between images was 20 seconds, not the
way to get updated about an exciting ending to a game. however ive noticed
ms ie doesnt blink when refreshing so it may b more tolerable now. ms ie
wasnt born yet when i wrote the script.

ne way i have an old version of the script. ive since lost the most recent
version of the script. if ur interested in it ur welcome to a copy. btw the
script was called webtv but then a few months after i had it on my web
page, guess what, some damm device came out with the same name. :-) i
figured they copyrighted the name so i changed mine. :-)

i havent used the script in a long time as 1 day the script sent images
from my quickcam instead of my tv and uploaded them to my web page--and i
was home sleeping. hehe. im thinking however of using quickcam as a motion
detector or cuseeme to upload images or connect to a friend with cu access
at work when there is movement in my computer room as we had robbers just

Mark Andrew Nassy, <>