using cu or quickcam as a security device.

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 12:35:28 -0500


my problem:
id like to use the computers on my lan for security purposes.

my software and hardware:
pc (win95, 386, 486 with win 31 and 586) and mac (68k and ppc) network.
cornell cu and b&w parallel and serial port quickcam.

my discussion:
id like to place a computer with a cam on each level of the house connected
to a quickcam (camcorder got stolen) to detect motion and when it does the
computer will email a friend of mine with internet access at work and cc me
a copy using the highest priority indicating possible suspicious movement
and it will direct him what to do. at the same time hopefully the guilty
suspects will look into quickcam and the computer will take a series of
picture and ftp it to my web site. y not email it directly. well i figure
they may hear the modem on 1 of the computers (1 modem clicks when turning
on) so i better use the fastest method. my mail server is slow and the file
has to b binhexed making images even bigger. ok well my ? i can do this on
the macs but how to do it on the pcs: i dont know. any suggestions.

my second problem:
id like to place a file on my computer (on the mac applescript) that would
email me a message and any info the culprit placed on the preferences of
their email or web brower if my computer is stolen. again i know how to
begin on the mac but im not sure how to do so on a pc. any suggestions. i
know this ? has nothing to do with cu but thought id throw it in. hope u
dont mind as a lot of the users here seem to know their pcs very well.

btw we just had robbers for the 2nd time in a month. the 1st time they took
a computer and other stuff. this time they didnt get any hardware.

in a previous problem:
i asked for any suggestions to a solution to a problem using an ethernet
and dun on win95. ive been following the posts on usenet tcp ip windows
group and its a fairly frequent request for a solution to the same problem.
no1 has ever posted a fix so i suspect there is none. it is a know bug in
ms window 95 and hopefully win 98 will fix (hopefully win 98 can run on my

Mark Andrew Nassy, <>