Re: is it possible to add/embed a cusm video feed into a netscape

Olivier Heinry (olivier.heinry@Uhb.Fr)
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 12:28:24 +0100 (MET)

I recently asked the same to a scottish R'n'D dept. manager.
Here follows his answer, linking to a web page that enables a cusm link from the browser :

ah, just so happens right at this moment I have a connection problem with the
College network, so I can't access the WWW, but I can tell you how to get
it... go to

take the Inside Perth College link

take the Old Frames Pages link

take the CU-SeeMe link (left hand side of the farmes, at the bottom - open
frame in a New Window)

take the Bill Goodman CU-SeeMe page link

And there you will find everything you need to know :-)

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