Re: is it possible to add/embed a cusm video feed into a netscape page/with macintosh in mind

Jason Williams (
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 12:21:24 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 29 Jan 1998, Olivier Heinry wrote:
> I recently asked the same to a scottish R'n'D dept. manager.
> Here follows his answer, linking to a web page that enables a cusm link from the browser :
<numerous steps deleted...>

The Perth page that all that eventually leads you to is (yes..I followed the
maze) :)

> take the Bill Goodman CU-SeeMe page link
> And there you will find everything you need to know :-)

I don't see a Bill Goodman link...but my guess is that's a really botched
up way to spell Bill Woodland :)

BTW, Bill Woodland's page is at :)

And as far as I know..he doesn't have any special information or links
pertaining to embedding live CU vid into web pages. Only program I've
seen attempt this is JavaCU which takes one vid from a reflector
(NON-MeetingPoint since MP doesn't support NV anymore) and displays it in
a browser. It's quite buggy but a nice start..From the docs though, it
appears there's a 15kbps restriction with the networking API in Java..but
it is fun to play with if you have a spare reflector and the the

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