Re: 386 System Settings for CUSM

Pastor Chris M. Farmer (
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 00:54:38 -0800

Mark Andrew Nassy wrote:

> While it may not support the latest and (not the)greatest CU 3.1
> versions..I got audio to work flawlessly on my 386-40 with 8 megs > RAM :)
> It can be done..just takes some tweaking
> id like to 2nd that also. i got great audio with my 386 also.
> Mark Andrew Nassy, <>

What's some tweaking entail? I'm curious as to how your system is set
up: camera?, capture card?, CUSM version?, CUSM settings? microphone?
sound card? etc. And Streak's 386 also!? If you get time to type up
what you think makes it work!
Please do so! 8^)

I get good video and audio sometimes and good video and lousy audio
sometimes! 8^(


*Curious In Kansas*