Re: 386 System Settings for CUSM

Jason Williams (
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 08:31:34 -0600 (CST)

On Fri, 30 Jan 1998, Pastor Chris M. Farmer wrote:
> What's some tweaking entail? I'm curious as to how your system is set
> up: camera?, capture card?, CUSM version?, CUSM settings? microphone?
> sound card? etc. And Streak's 386 also!? If you get time to type up
> what you think makes it work!
> Please do so! 8^)

At the time of my 386, I was using the Cornell 0.84b7 version (Any WP
version was horribly slow).
Min send = 10
Max send = 20
Min receive = 10
Max receive = 28

Using the Delta-mod 16kbps codec set to 100ms delay..Just pause your local
vid making sure the send cap is up around 18-20 or so. Also close all
other vids you might be receiving (using WP 2.X versions, this means hit
close all a few times). Then just click push to talk and have fun :)

My setup at the time: 386-40 8 megs RAM, Connectix Quickcam, Advanced
Gravis Ultrasound full duplex sound card with a $10 mic from Radio Shack I
believe (it's an old mic)

> I get good video and audio sometimes and good video and lousy audio
> sometimes! 8^(

The main tweaking required is setting the rates and codec correctly..and
pausing, etc..

It also depends on if you are on a busy reflector or not...There's
overhead with OC packets if you're on a full 20-25 participant ref that
usually renders audio useless (broken up). I've heard MeetingPoint helps
with this, but I'm not sure if that's with ALL codecs or just their RTP
G.723 codec.

I've gotten lousy audio as well...but usually that's because the ref is
too crowded...Try closing all incoming vids and watch your receiving kbps.
On a full ref it may range anywhere from 10-15kbps of overhead depending
on the reflector version. With 20 clients on an older Cornell reflector,
I've seen my receive cap jump to 25-28kbps (That's one reason why I prefer
White Pine or Enhanced Reflectors).

Just my $.02...btw, my system configuration hasn't changed that much
except for the process (P-133 now)..and I still use the Delta-mod codec
perfectly :)

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