Mac OS 8.1 and Cornell CUSM Audio

Andrew Demkin (
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 05:40:39 -0800

Greetings all,

Since I've only recently subscribed to this list, I'm not sure if this
topic has already been covered. If it has, I apologize in advance.

I recently upgraded to Mac OS 8.1 and have noticed that I can no longer
send direct audio using the Cornell version of CUSM (v0.87b3 PPC). The
problem is that when attempting to choose a sound input device from the
Auido Window's Options button, clicking the button does nothing. I presume
that this is due to changes in the Sound Manager that were intoduced with
8.1. Argggh.

My questions are:

1) Has anyone else had this same experience?
2) Is the Cornell version being maintained for this sort of bug fix?



p.s. Chris, congrats on releasing GeekTalk 2.0!!