Andrew Geoghegan (
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 19:26:24 -0500 (EST)

Dear Brian,
I am finally now able to use CUSeeMe to transmit video with your
-gift to me- of Quikcam...i haven't yet been able to connect to a
'reflector' site yet, i am fairly certain that i might be able to connect
to your PC using my 14.4 modem ( with CUSeeMe you are supposed to use a
28.8 unless you are using the comm. version which supports 14.4
you, after logging on with Winsock and negotiating your IP, will
have to get your copy of CUSeeMe to the *Waiting For Connection* state
then we must establish a voice phone connection where we exchange our
dynamic IP's then after you, like me, have followed all of the docu.txt
files and installed those two drivers msvideo.dll and something or
other.dll in your c:\windows directory -viola -we geoghegan's now can
transmit video of our respective locations!


your brother,