Problems with Pc CuSeeme 0.34b1

Danny Guy Frezza (bz223@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Sat, 23 Jul 1994 00:54:27 -0400

Has anyone ran into problems with latest version of Pc CuSeeMe?
I tried it this morning and noticed a few things. First, msvideo.dll was
smaller in size than previous version, and dated earlier. I got the
from cornell.
After running it, I noticed it seemed a little more sluggish than
previous one. I checked it by reloading the previous version and checked it
again with latest version, and seems like the data rate kps was slower with
the newest version.
Then, shortly after starting up, after receiving the motd from a
reflector site, I got a pop-up dialog box that said "Hmmm.. something may be
wrong". But I didn't see anything happen aftwards, except when you click on
it, it goes away, then comes back shortly after.
I did have these problems with the previous version, but I have it
now. Anyone else experience this?

Also, the problem of connecting to another site, after have been connected
to some other reflector site, is still there. The previous site comes up,
especially, if it was busy before.

-- Dan Frezza


Dan Frezza Internet: bz223@Cleveland.Freenet.Edu