Martin Storer (100121.1613@CompuServe.COM)
Sun, 24 Jul 1994 18:43:04 -0400

On Fri, 22 Jul 1994 09:31:18 -0400 Doug Moe wrote

>Can anyone tell me what "winsocks" are. I know you have to run it or them
>to run CUSEEME but I'm not sure what it does. Or how to check if I am
>running it. Also when I try to run CUSEEME I get the message:
>Gethostbyname0 failed (11004). My computer is a 386/33 8MB running
>Windows 3.1 and Chameleon by Netmanage. I have the 'hosts' file in my
>\netmanage directory as well as the CUSEEME files and the \netmanage
>directory in my path, with msvideo.dll in \windows\system directory and
>nowhere else. We really want to get CUSEEME going but can't. I am going
>to try the new version which I was told yesterday should be released by
>today on

>Thanks for any help you can offer.

>Doug Moe

Anyone who knows better please correct me.

WinSock is a Microsoft defined API that TCP/IP stack providers and
third party comms application providers are encouraged to adhere to.
The theory is that if all TCP/IP stack providers present services to a WinSock
standard then all WinSock compliant applications will work with them, thus
providing standardisation!!!

With reference to your problem: I too had problems with Netmanages Stack (Newt)
using SLIP and found that it was related to communications being active or not.

As an aside for anyone interested in the UK Computer Shopper magazine is
currently publishing a cover disk that includes a very easy to use package to
access the WWW over dial up PIPEX points of presence. The communications
method uses an eval copy of Trumpet winsock and this works with CUSM with no
problems, albeit the pictures are updated very slowly (0-1 fps). The internet
service is free until the first week of August whereupon further access requires
a L50 joining fee plus L180 per annum contract.

Martin Storer (UK)