TIME hails CU-SeeMe -- Is the Internet ready?

Dan Updegrove (danu@dccs.upenn.edu)
Sun, 24 Jul 1994 20:44:03 -0400

Time Magazine's cover story, "Battle for the Soul of the Internet,"
(July 25, pp. 50-56), lists CU-SeeMe under "What are those Internet services?"
"CUSeeMe, an Internet video conferencing system that enables up to
eight users to see and hear each other on their computer screens."
(Other services listed: E-mail, Talk, IRC, FTP, Telnet, Archie/Veronica/
Jughead/WAIS, GOher, WWW, Mosaic, Internet Talk Radio.)

Do any of you consider CU-SeeMe an "Internet service?" If so, how do you
handle software distribution and updates, documentation, training, and
hotline support -- to say nothing of the impact on your campus backbone?

Here at Penn, we still consider CU-SeeMe a "promising prototype for
aggressive users" rather than "an Internet service." A few of us *use*
CU-SeeMe as an occasional adjunct to phone conferences or as a combined
voice/video medium (when end-to-end bandwidth permits), but all other use
-- by I would guess 6 people with cameras and ? without -- is "demo" only.
We do promote it on our demo kiosk and we run a 24x7 reflector, but it's
not "supported."


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