Mon, 25 Jul 1994 15:52:56 -0400

I am just introducing CUSM at my university. I'd like to be sure I've
correctly installed it and that I can operate it properly. Might there be
a user out there who would have a little time this week (not Friday)
to try a hook up with my Mac? If you're interested in assisting this rookie,
please drop me a note: jose@husky.bloomu.edu. Please don't use this list
to reply, as it's probably of not much interest to the masses.

Thanks for the help!!

OS Tom Joseph
OS Director, TV/Radio Services
OS Bloomsbrg University
OS Bloomsburg, PA 17815
OS Phone: 717/389-4002 FAX: 717/389-2094
OS jose@husky.bloomu.edu