CUSeeMe Posting Archive

John R. Nicol (
Tue, 26 Jul 1994 15:49:27 -0400

Does anyone maintain or know of anyone else who is maintaining an
archive of the issues, questions and answers (etc) that have been
posted to this mailing list over the past few months?

Reason I ask is, like most of you I suspect, I semi-regularly encounter
problems which I am sure I have seen discussed before... only by the
time I discover the problems for myself, the original postings that
discussed them have long since been junked!

For example, of late we've been trying out PC-CUSeeMe (having
previously used the application for several months in the Mac environment).
In the PC case, we have our PCs networked, TCP-IP capable, and with
hostnames allocated (just like the documentation sez!). When we launch
the application, however, it delays for a few seconds before reporting:

gethostbyname() failed (11004)

and subsequently gives up the ghost. I am sure this issue has
been discussed in the past on multiple occasions... so I hesitate
to repeat the same question (though if anyone is patient enough to
provide an answer it would be appreciated :) I checked the current
FAQ list which doesn't touch on issues as specific as this and, hence,
am interested in locating an archive of CUSeeMe postings in which
I can rake around in for answers.


-- John

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