Re: PPC 6100 AV Compatibility

Geoff Rehn (
Tue, 26 Jul 1994 20:15:18 -0400

Oliver Muoto asks:

>I am trying to get CU-See Me running on my PPC 6100 but it doesn't want to
>accept the AV's video input. Any suggestions?

The AV card display shares VRAM with the video digitizer. In order to have
enough VRAM for the digitizer to work, the display must be set something less
than the maximum depth available. Go into your Monitors control panel, select
the AV display, and see what depths are available (these will depend on the
monitor you've got connected): if "millions" is available, then choose something
else; if the greatest depth is "thousands", then choose 256 or less, and so on.
Remember, you can't use the deepest depth available--anything else is OK.

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