AVAILABLE -- Linux Patched CUSeeMe Reflector

Timothy Mulkey (LSMULKY@scifac.indstate.edu)
Tue, 26 Jul 1994 21:36:55 -0400

Due to the interest which was expressed in obtaining the version of the reflector
which we run on a Linux box, we have placed it on our anonymous FTP server.
This morning our Linux guru compiled ver. 2.30b1 (we had been using the earlier
version), made the binary and placed the binary in a new tar file. Some changes
to the Makefile are required for Linux; a README.Linux file is included in the tar
file for any Linux buffs who are interested in the details concerning the changes.
Steve (the guru) also discovered and corrected an error in the reflector program
(it kept crashing the reflector on Linux boxes (and possibly others?); he included
details on the correction in the README.Linux file).

The tar file of the Linux-compatible reflector binary is now available via
anonymous FTP at (mama.indstate.edu) in the linux/CUSEEME
directory as reflect.2.30b1-LINUX.tar.z We will continue to place updates of
the binary for Linux patches of the reflector in this directory (with the LINUX tag
in the file name) as new reflector versions are released from the CU-SeeMe
development team. We will also upload them to sunsite's FTP site for their Linux
distribution area.

If anyone wishes to set up a Linux box to act as a reflector, Slackware Linux is
available from sunsite.unc.edu; including extensive documentation and apps.
Linux is a freeware version of Unix which can run on 386/486/P5 with at least 4
megs of memory (for easy set-up it is better to have 6 megs or more). The Linux
newgroup is very active and the group is extremely helpful to both novice and
experienced users. Linux should provide an inexpensive alternative for setting
up reflector sites AND we have had no problems running the reflector as a
daemon on a Linux box which also serves gopher, FTP, WWW/Mosaic material,
telnet clients as well as remote X-Windows clients. So the reflector can be
added to many existing Linux machines to increase the availability of reflectors.

QUESTION (from our Linux guru) -- Has anyone found or developed a viewer
program which can be used on a reflector to see what video signals are
currently being bounced off of the reflector? The FAQ file on gated.cornell.edu
states that an X or unix version is not available but has anyone discovered
something that will work as a viewer (a useful app for a reflector site)?

My Linux guru wants to see this addition and is willing to trying to port the code --
at least to provide viewer capabilites for X-Windows on a Linux box. Since Linux
uses a PC and standard PC hardware, it might also be possible to port and adapt
the routines for the video capture boards so that a full X-Windows version for
Linux would be available. If there is any interest let me know and I will contact
the CU-SeeMe development team to see if they are willing to allow Steve to
attempt the port.

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