A few things...

Antonio Corder (ccanto@sobrino.eui.upm.es)
Wed, 27 Jul 1994 18:58:06 -0400

Hi, i'm a "lurker" :) I want to state some possible bugs in the
Windows version (not the last). When i disconnect from a reflector
with some video-users it re-connects automatically re-opening the
windows, it is very hard to end the conection. Also, the setup dialog
is partially implemented, isn't it? the number for minimum and
maximum rate cannot be set :-? Another thing... why the reflectors
IPs change without any reason? Well, and now i need some info about a
video capture board. I have the CANON-ION digital camera that comes
with a capture board for it. But the capture board also gets the
signal from a Video Camera, and i want to know it there is any
software for it, including a version for Video for Windows. I don't
know the name of the board if it has one.
Thanks for all.

Antonio Cordero