Joanne Callahan (jc46@CORNELL.EDU)
Wed, 27 Jul 1994 19:00:11 -0400

>The Cornell CU-SeeMe Consortium is a consortium of universities, non-profit,
>and private organizations formed to support the rapid deployment and use of
>affordable, real-time conferencing technology to stimulate creative
>experimentation among the Internet community. The Consortium provides
>resources to the CU-SeeMe project to research, develop, and deliver innovative
>solutions for real-time multiparty videoconferencing on the Internet and to
>improve communication and technology transfer between Consortium members.
>With the leadership of Cornell University, the Consortium is open to any
>organization interested in supporting the rapid diffusion of low-cost, desktop
>conferencing software to enable widespread experience which will generate
>knowledge useful in creating the next generation of network infrastructure.
>Cornell's CU-SeeMe project has an overall goal of fostering real-time
>collaboration on the Internet now. In pursuit of this goal, the CU-SeeMe
>project maintains a resolute focus on practical results in the near term with
>deployable videoconferencing implementations for low-cost platforms. An
>underlying tenet is that widespread hands-on experience, even within limited
>performance parameters, will create a laboratory of unique user applications
>far beyond the conceptions of the software creators. In support of this
>belief, CU-SeeMe software is available via anonymous FTP for individual or
>organizational use under Cornell copyright. This open agreement encourages
>collaboration to create new features and customized applications of use to all
>Consortium members and CU-SeeMe users. The CU-SeeMe Consortium provides the
>framework to strengthen and expand these collaborations.
>Our Consortium members assure that CU-SeeMe software will continue to be
>freely available to all users. Membership contributions support widespread,
>hands-on experience with new technologies generating valuable knowlwdge to
>inform the planning and design of future networking infrastructure. In
>return, the Consortium provides these direct benefits to members:
> o Professional forums for members interested in the latest
>developments in real-time
> conferencing on the Internet and in other networked environments
> o Yearly in-depth technical seminars on new CU-SeeMe features and
> in videoconferencing technology
> o Opportunities to meet with the CU-SeeMe development team for an idea
> on new feature planning and future expansion of the CU-SeeMe
> o Internships and residency programs that are available to member
> who wish to send qualified staff to Cornell to work with the CU-SeeMe
> development team
>For more information on our cooperative agreement and membership levels
>available in the CU-SeeMe Consortium please contact Martyne Hallgren,
>Executive Director, CU-SeeMe Consortium at 607-254-8767 or e-mail